Gierowa Vineyard

The name comes from the hamlet of Janowice, where the vineyard is located. The plantings are partially located on terraces formed on a former landslide, with a south-west exposure. There are forests nearby to protect the vines from wind and cold. The vineyard itself is located in the middle of a cherry orchard, which still produces delicious fruit in June and July. Heavy, loamy soil. The grapevine in the highest part of the vineyard grows 320 meters above sea level.


Owner: Grzegorz Gondek
Janowice 265, gm. Pleśna
tel. 608 850 475


Year of establishment



0,4 ha

Cultivated varieties:

Red and rose wines: Pinot Noir Precooce, Pinot Noir, Monarch

White wines: Saint Pepin, Bianka, Solaris, Seyval Blanc, Jutrzenka, Muscaris


Tourist offer

It includes guided tours of the vineyard with an overview of the history of the vineyard and the grapevines grown, and commented wine tasting with boards of local cheeses and cold meats. The offer is available both for individuals and organized groups.
Price: price by individual arrangement
In the vineyard there is a comfortable gazebo with a grill and a fireplace for a bonfire. Arbor for 30 people. You can relax there, taste wines and local culinary products, including those grown on the vineyard, i.e. delicious, ripe cherries and a dessert license, of which over 100 various varieties are grown here for collectors.

Calendar of events

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