Bogu-Miła Vineyard

The vineyard is located on the outskirts of Olesno in the direction of Zalipie. The area is completely flat and the plantings are on the north-south line. The vineyard is surrounded by forests, protecting the vines from winds, as well as fields and meadows. The area is non-industrial, clean, it is a former strawberry basin, and moreover, strawberries are still grown in the area. The soil is light, acidic, permeable, very rich in ingredients, mainly magnesium.


Owner: Jarosław Bogumił
ul. Długa 158, Olesno, gm. Olesno
tel. 605 475 625

Year of establishment



1 ha. Planned enlargement

Cultivated varieties:

Cultivated red wine varieties: Regent, Roesler

Cultivated white wine varieties: Solaris, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Johanniter


Tourist offer

It includes guided tours of the vineyard with an overview of the history of the vineyard and the grapevines grown, and commented wine tasting with boards of local cheeses and cold meats. The offer is available both for individuals and organized groups.
Price: price by individual arrangement
There is a sale of wines on site, there are no other regional products for sale.

Calendar of events

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