Vineyards in the Tarnów region

The ENOTarnowskie area includes the following poviats: Tarnów, Tarnów, Brzeski and Dąbrowski 

Małopolska is one of the most dynamically developing wine regions in Poland and it is here that the most vineyards are registered! Tarnów region is sometimes called “Polish Tuscany”. Part of the vineyards of the Małopolska Wine Route are located here. A trip around our region will be an opportunity to taste delicious wine and delicious local products, such as cheese, cold cuts or bread, which will enhance the taste of the drink … “

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Dąbrówka Vineyard

The Dąbrówka Vineyard is located in the village of Dąbrówka Szczepanowska on the edge of the Sandomierz Basin and the Western Carpathian Foothills in the Pleśna Commune, just 12 km from Tarnów.

Bogu-Miła Vineyard 

The vineyard is located on the outskirts of Olesno in the direction of Zalipie. The area is completely flat and the plantings are on the north-south line.The vineyard is surrounded by forests, protecting the vines from 

Jakubowa Vineyard

Jakubowa Vineyard is situated in an extremely picturesque part of Karwodrza, over 300 meters above sea level, from which there is a 

Janowice Vineyard

The vineyard is located on the south-western slope going west towards the Dunajec. The name comes from the hamlet of Janowice, where the 

Manru Vineyard

The vineyard is located in the heart of the Ciężkowicko-Rożnów Landscape Park on the southern slopes of Zagórze in Kąśna Dolna.

Nownies Vineyard

The name of the vineyard comes from the hamlet where the farmers live and means something new, previously unfinished – the first. The vineyard is located in Połom Mały.

Antoni’s Cellars Vineyard

The vineyard is located on the outskirts of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, at the foot of the legendary Kokocz hill in the village of Wola Lubecka.

Uroczysko Vineyard

It is situated on the southern slope at an altitude of 285-308 m above sea level. The slope has a slightly western exposure, it is very well lit.

Epigon Vineyard

The vineyard is located next to the Local Product Center in Rzuchowa in the manor and park complex. This is a historical reference to tradition

Amelie Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Ždiarc near Radomyśl Wielki in the buffer zone of mixed forests, on a barely defined hill.



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