Uroczysko Vineyard

The vineyard is located in Janowice. It is situated on the southern slope at an altitude of 285-308 m above sea level. The slope has a slightly western exposure, is very well lit and facing the Dunajec. This is important because the river “takes” the cold air. From the north, the vineyard is protected by a dense forest – Carpathian beech forest, from the east and west cold winds are broken by the surrounding hills. Clay-loam-sandy soil, retains water very well, accumulates moisture, so the heat is not dangerous for the grapevines.


Andrzej Haus
Janowice 328, gm. Pleśna
33-115 Janowice
Tel: 516 495 359
e-mail: winnicauroczysko@gmail.com

Year of establishment

2011. The first wines on sale in 2014 roku


0,9 ha

Cultivated varieties:

Red wines: Rondo, Regent, Cabernet Cortis, Cabernet Cantor, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir
White wines: Seyval Blanc, Jutrzenka, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Hibernal


Our wines

MOKOSZ 2019 (Jutrzenka)

Dry white wine with a complex flavor of ripe apples, peaches, tropical fruit and citrus, and a rich floral and herbal aroma with notes of jasmine, wild lilac and freshly mown mountain meadow. Perfect for fish and poultry, as well as an aperitif and a refreshing drink for summer heat. Serve at 8-11 ° C.


CHORS 2019 (Hibernal)

Dry white wine with a full flavor of ripe apples, peach, yellow melon and citrus and floral aromas of jasmine, lily of the valley and wild lilac. Excellent with fish, poultry, delicate goat cheeses and sheep bundz. It is also perfect as a companion for longer meetings with friends. Serve at 8-11 ° C.


DADŹBÓG 2019 (Gewürztraminer)

Dry white wine with a rich flavor of ripe pears and tropical fruit, with the aroma of nutmeg, lychee fruit and a hint of rose, lily of the valley flower and linden honey. Thanks to its rich aroma and full structure, this wine will be perfect for spicy Asian dishes, as well as an aperitif. Serve at 8-11 ° C.


BIAŁOBÓG 2019(Seyval Blanc/Jutrzenka)

Dry white wine with a pleasant, fresh and juicy taste of ripe apples, pears, tropical fruit and citrus, with a hint of jasmine flowers and elderberry. Perfect for delicate fish and seafood, it is also perfect as an aperitif and a refreshing drink for summer heat. Serve at 8-11 ° C. 


SWARÓG 2019 (Pinot Gris)

A dry rosé wine with a pleasantly mild taste, full of fruity aromas of strawberries and ripe pears as well as floral scents of jasmine and peony. Perfect for pasta, dumplings and vegetarian dishes, as well as without any additives for meetings on the terrace or in the garden on warm summer evenings. Serve at 9-12 ° C.


WELES 2019 (Pinot Noir/Zweigelt)

A dry wine with a bright red color (“claret” type) and a delicate fruity taste, characterized by the aroma of fresh cherries, strawberries and red currants with a pleasant herbal note. Perfect for roasted poultry, fish in creamy sauces and soft blue cheeses in the style of camembert and brie. Serve at 14-16 ° C.


Accommodation is available. There is a newly built large log house on the vineyard. On the first floor, there are two double rooms, very large, with large bathrooms and overlooking the vineyard, Dunajec, the surrounding hills and the Tatra Mountains. On the ground floor there is a huge tasting lounge open to an equally large, fully equipped kitchen. From the kitchen there is an exit to a covered terrace with a beautiful view, while from the tasting room there is an exit to a spacious garden with a wooden table and benches, with a place for a grill, fireplace and a new smokehouse. Accommodation price:  55 PLN per person per night.


Tourist offer

It includes guided tours of the vineyard with an overview of the history of the vineyard and the grapevines grown, and commented wine tasting with boards of local cheeses and cold meats. The offer is available both for individuals and organized groups.

Price: price by individual arrangement 

There is a sale of wines on site, there are no other regional products for sale. Fixed meals are not available.
It is worth noting that a professional smokehouse has just been established in the vineyard, where the host will prepare and serve smoked meats with the wines.


The last Saturday of October has been held on the vineyard for years Watra in Uroczysko, that is, a bonfire with tasting wines from all vintages. Then also takes place the premiere of red wines from the previous year.

In addition, in August under Vineyard Open Days. Uroczysko invites you to tastings and guided tours around the vineyard.

Calendar of events

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